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In order to buy a used house with Infonavit, you must request an appraisal and verify that it meets the following requirements:
• That the house is located in an urbanized area
• That is composed of at least bedroom (s), living room, kitchen and bathroom
• That it has the services of drainage, water and electrical energy
• Be away from risk areas such as fuel tanks, high voltage lines, rivers, underground pipelines, etc.
• That has a minimum useful life of 30 years
• That it has the deed registered in the Public Registry of Property
• Keep up to date with water and property consumption payments
• That it has a Technical Quality Opinion with a minimum score of 70 points (this document is processed at the same time as the appraisal)
In the case of wanting to make improvements to the house with the same Infonavit credit, you must take into account that:
• The improvement should not affect the structure of the house
• You must present your work program and its budget in the formats indicated
• The cost of the improvement must be a minimum of $ 10,000 and a maximum of up to 80% of the value of the operation