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Article Writing Guidelines

To write an article, you need to pay attention to the following steps:

A good topic for the article:
  • About reader issues
Specifically about this industry or the specifics of this person. For the reader to recognize himself, he understands that this is precisely about his industry, company, type of activity, etc.
Reflects on the benefits of reading an article.

Elements of attracting attention even before a person begin to read
  • The essence of the article for a neophyte:
About the client / not about you, not about you, not about your work/services, but the client and his problems.
Narrow the topic as much as possible. The narrower the focus of the industry, the greater the involvement in this article.
Article structure:
  • Headline
Section / illustration / caption? Continued text

Body kit - information that gives the article value and converts the reader into the desired target action.

Grab attention
The audience of the study article is motivated. It is very useful to start the article with something that will grab attention. In the educational article, you need to create a motivation for thoughtful reading, and not for quick diagonal reading.
A person must read everything sequentially, without jumping. To do this, you must break the article into modules. For example, for this you need to complete only 60 points:
Each module is:
  • Introduction

Unlike an article for a neophyte, in a training article, they first tell a theory and only then give practice. Self-control
  • Practice or interactive
Repeat as an example

The principle of article construction:
  • Attention
We form the expectation
Break learning into small pieces
Repeat the material as applied to practice
Educational articles are a textbook. They are to teach something.

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Checklist for checking text before publishing
  • If the topic comes from the author, then it should be narrow and useful to the reader.
If the topic comes from the editorial staff, and it is general, you must first write general 2 paragraphs and then narrow it down to a narrower industry and situation, then write on a narrow topic
If an article has more than 8 paragraphs, it should have at least one subheading
The article must have at least one illustration. It can be pictures, schemes, tables, photos
Paragraph - no more than 9 lines
In the last 5 paragraphs should be conclusions
If the article is intended for a socio-political publication, a key quote should be highlighted in each section, which can attract attention
If an expert is involved in the article, then the portrait and direct speech should be in the article
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