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5-Paragraph Essay Example

5 Paragraph Essay Example

Basically, Native American civilizations were quite different before the arrival of Europeans in the continent and colonization. The difference was particularly striking in regard to their attitude to their environment. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the life and culture of Inuit tribe, who lived in a harmony with nature. Moreover, they were highly dependent on nature and, therefore, their attitude to their environment was, to a significant extent, determined by their socioeconomic activities. As Inuit were basically focused on hunting, they naturally paid a lot of attention to their attitude and relationship to nature. In fact, they viewed nature as source of life and food. They believed that it is nature that nourished them and gave them life. As a result, they formed their beliefs according to which nature and natural forces had divine power. In such a context, it is worth mentioning that their and their totem had origin form the wildlife of their region.

Many of Indian civilizations in America were characterized by a bilateral organization of social structure. In this respect, it is possible to refer to Inuit and Mi’kmaq tribes, whose social organization could be characterized as bilateral.

Basically, social relationships in both tribes were determined by social roles performed by each member of society essay writer, which could depend on the activity of an individual, for instance hunting for males, and mainly household work for females. At the same time, it is important to underline that in both tribes there were no strict social hierarchy and social differentiation was rather conventional. However, it should be said that both tribes had their leaders and elite that played the dominant role in the tribes

The views and beliefs of Native American tribes were traditionally ethnocentric and determined by their own traditions and values. As a result, they developed their own unique rituals and traditions which reflected the essence of their own culture. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the example of Mi’kmaq. Traditionally, hunting was a very important for this tribe. In fact, this activity was vitally important for the tribe because its survival depended on the effectiveness of this activity. This is why, they viewed hunting as a responsible activity that was the domain of males solely. As a result, as a young Mi’kmaq was allowed to take part in the hunt it was a symbol of his recognition as a man. In such a way, he did not only joint the cohort of male-hunters but he also increased considerably his social status.

In this respect, another tribe, the Inuits, is quite similar. This tribe heavily depended on fish, marine mammals, and other animals. They were so significant for the local culture that they created objects of arts, which symbolized different animals. For instance, there is a number of sculptures in the form of various animals which were extremely important for the Inuits.

Basically, different Native American tribes had, to a significant extent, similar views on health and illness. In fact, they share practically the same system of views on both issues. In this respect, it is possible to refer to Inuit and Mi’kmaq tribes, whose health and illness system was originally associated with the power of nature. In other words, it was the nature that either gave people health or punished them making them falling ill. However, their traditional system has changed dramatically after the arrival of Europeans. Europeans brought new illnesses which destroyed a considerable part of the local population that made Indian tribes, such as Inuit and Mi’kmaq think of Europeans as the major threat to their health and people that can command illnesses since many illnesses that proved to be fatal for Indians did not affect Europeans. The latter particularly significant for Mi’kmaq who lost a considerable part of the population because of the smallpox and alcoholism brought by Europeans. In such a way, it is possible to estimate that Europeans replaced nature in Indians’ system of belief and even nowadays, they view them as powerful and dangerous people who can control health and illnesses.

The traditional system of social organization and leadershipa statistics homework help in Iroquois and Natchez tribes were quite original. Iroquois represented a unity of six tribes, which had practically equal power and significance. This is why they did not have one leader but rather a team of leaders. In contrast, Natchez had a complicated social hierarchy with the privileged nobility classes which occupied the dominant position and its leader was the leader of the entire tribe. After the arrival of Europeans both tribes were susceptible to the influence of Europeans that led to the growing individualization of members of society and increasing role of leaders.

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