How to win in King of the Coop in Shell Shockers

The newest game mode in the peculiar free-to-play game Shell Shockers is called King of the Coop. As the name suggests, King of the Coop pits the red and blue teams against one another and functions similarly to a frantic King of the Hill game mode.

To score a single point, players must persuade their allies to stand on the point; if they fail to do so, a new point is chosen elsewhere on the map. If a match is one-sided, teams are switched around and a new match is played. The first team to reach five points wins, prizes are distributed, and the game continues.

If you have a little bit of strategy, you can easily win this game mode. The capture locations are often compact and dotted with corners. The SMG also referred to as the "Whipper," is the main weapon that should be utilized to swiftly win battles when strafing around corners or when the point is contested. The shotgun can be a good option if your response time and accuracy aren't up to par, but remember that you only have two shots before you become vulnerable for about three seconds.

Keep in mind that there is no body-blocking in Shell Shockers; instead, you may always win gunfights by moving through reloading players to get out of their line of sight. Although there is a chance of being sniped if the capture position is at a high height, players can use bunny hops to evade semi-automatic fire by circling and strafing.