Oh man, this one sucks because its hard to walk away from someone you love who keeps promising potential and not delivering. I totally agree with the dating addict comment. It doesn’t take actual dating to make a dating addict (if there is evidence of pornography use, sexual cultivation with these other women even if it doesn’t lead to actual dating, dating behavior changing with you, hiding and lying until caught and then justifying, etc…. Also with the lies — he is certainly a charmer and obviously actively using that skill to manage a “harem.” Classic addict behavior.

1. He’s grooming and cultivating other Slovenian women .
2. He doesn’t respect you enough to stop something that is obviously a problem. One which he said he would change and did not.
3. He doesn’t respect your relationship enough to invest all of that energy back into making things richer between the two of you.
4. He doesn’t respect himself enough to get help.
5. He can’t seem to stop even when he knows he needs to.

Beattie and Mellody both write good books on the subject… Best wishes Pany and I hope something changes for the better soon!

i think if everything else is working she should wait it out. I remember when I was working full time and going to school I was exhausted and had no time. When your not working or actually going to classess, you still have to study, take care of the day in day out stuff everyone has in life, etc.

The fact that he has carved some time out, albeit a small portion, I think that speaks tons about how he feels about her. Especially if those items on the Pro list are true.

He’s making the effort to some how fit her in…it may seem short to her…but from my experience in his situation. Sometimes just meeting a friend for coffee for an hour was a HUGE thing for me (it meant staying up later that night cramming or finishing up a paper), but I would do it because that Slovenian friend was important to me.