“As leaders in education, our job is not to control those whom we serve but to unleash their talent. If innovation is going to be a priority in education, we need to create a culture where trust is the norm." – George Couros.
Innovation brings the change that drives the world nowadays. People don’t like to have the same cereal at breakfast every day. They prefer visiting new cafés every week instead of the same restaurant. There are similar instances in the education sector as well. Students are getting bored of the same essay homework and refuse to invest so much time in a single task. This has driven a wave of innovation. We can find several AI-based tools aiding students with their essay writing nowadays. Out of the several options, one site that has created a niche for itself is EssayWriter .ai. According to several reviews, they have a plethora of AI-based tools that promise to make essay writing a fun and engaging experience. In this blog, we will check out the various ways EssaysWriter .ai is slowly transforming the way we write essays with the help of automation –

1.Research Assistance
Researching is a perennial issue for most students. Researching is an extremely time-consuming affair. Most students don't even have an idea where to look for data and evidence. Those who know take too much time searching for data. This leaves them with too little time to write the essay. However, EssaysWriter .ai has taken big strides to solve this issue.
With the help of AI, essay writers can now quickly gather information. It has a dedicated “command” option fully powered by artificial intelligence. If you need to find any information, you simply have to input the voice command. The tool will scan the web to find relevant data and present it to you in a summarized way. Thus, it saves researchers time and provides a solid foundation for essays.

2.Essay Topic Generation
Many students face a big obstacle before even writing a single line of the essay. They fail to come up with a topic that can fetch them good grades. Finding a topic that is relevant, researchable, and interesting is no child’s play. Students often engage in long and tiring brainstorming sessions to gather ideas.
With AI essay typer tools, topic generation isn't a headache anymore. The tool's algorithm scans the top-rated essay topics across the web and comes up with unique and catchy topic suggestions. The best part is that this tool can generate multiple topics in the blink of an eye. With faster and better topic suggestions, students can easily create better essays.

3.Content Generation
Drafting immaculate content from scratch isn’t easy. Students face a lot of trouble in generating content that can impress their professors. From outlining the essay to writing strong conclusions, there are a lot of things that students need to worry about.
This is where students can find this website beneficial. With an AI essay generator, students can get comprehensive guidance. Its AI systems can generate essay outlines introductory paragraphs, and even complete essays based on provided prompts. It even has a sentence expander tool that can transform short sentences into elaborate ones. All of these make it easier to get started and ensure that you are never at a loss of words while writing an essay.

4.Content Paraphrasing
There are many technical papers where students get forced to paraphrase content. Sometimes, students run out of time and look to take up content and write it in their own words. While this seems rather simple, paraphrasing correctly is an art that is hard to master. Inaccurate paraphrasing can result in plagiarism, even if that is unintentional. With so many anti-plagiarism tools at their disposal, the professors can detect any traces of paraphrasing in an instant.
The only way to evade the claws of these tools is to counter them with AI only. EssaysWriter .ai has an advanced AI paper writer tool that can paraphrase any content with 100% accuracy. It can even suggest more advanced vocabulary and sentence structures, helping writers improve the sophistication of their essays. So, with this automated tool, students can finally eliminate any chances of plagiarism and its consequences.

5.Grammar and Spell Check
This is one of the most underrated benefits of using EssaysWriter .ai. Most students have the habit of starting late, only to find themselves in a pickle. They rush their essays as the deadline nears, thus making silly errors. However, since they don't get much time to revise the papers, they get submitted as it is. This results in lower grades and broken dreams.
But not anymore. This website boasts of having an AI-powered grammar and spell checker that can resolve this problem once and for all. Students can use this dynamic tool to thoroughly scan their long essays. The tools guarantee to help writers avoid grammatical errors, improving the overall quality of essays.

6.Essay Templates
Sometimes, students require more than just suggestions. Students often remain confused because they don’t find any examples to refer to. Especially students who are new to essay writing desperately seek old samples to create their own copies. The AI-powered website like EssaysWriter .ai successfully handles this issue. Its artificial intelligence can structure readymade templates for the students. You can simply input the prompt, and the tool will generate multiple templates for you to refer to. So, with the help of AI, anyone can now get a better idea of how to write an essay without asking others.

.Style Tone Suggestions
Using the correct style and tone are major parameters for a successful essay. For example, if you want to write an essay on “how to build a business," the tone should be authoritative. Your words must reflect your knowledge and confidence. If you use a different tone, like questioning the readers, it will definitely send the wrong message. Understanding which words to use and how aggressive to be requires special guidance.
However, if you cannot get hold of your professors or seniors, asking this website for help is the best alternative. It has an in-built style tone suggestor. This function works with the help of automation and is a proven way to improve productivity. It will suggest you the ideal tone and style to use in your essays and help you write the most engaging content.

8.Analyze Sentence Structures
Every college has specific guidelines that students must abide to. For example, readability is a major issue in most universities. Understanding how simple or complex the essay is practically impossible for students. AI proves to be an invaluable asset in such cases.
With their “sentence structure analysis” tool, students can finally assess the readability of their essays. They can even increase or decrease the readability as per their need.

9.Summarizes Content
What makes an essay stand out from the rest? Its ability to be remembered even after the readers have finished reading it. But to do that, you must be able to end the essay with a concise and solid conclusion.
The AI-powered content summarizer is the perfect tool to do that. Pondering for hours to come up with the perfect conclusions is now a thing of the past. Instead, students can automate the conclusions by entering a few prompts. The tool can locate vital information, understand the key points and create a concise paragraph, all at the click of a button.

Most online writers you come across have one major flaw. They all try to finish the assignments within the deadlines. So, they don't invest much time in thinking about how to make the essays unique. So, most of the time, you are left with half-baked essays that lack any voice.
The innovative usage of AI has opened new horizons when it comes to personalization. Be it the state-of-the-art thesis statement generator or the personal statement writer, it can tailor essay content to a specific audience or style.

Summing Up:
These are the various ways websites like EssaysWriter .ai are transforming the academic world one essay at a time. There is no denying that automation has changed the ways of essay writing in leaps and bounds over the last decade. However, becoming too reliant on technology has its cons. So, it is important to use automation responsibly and ensure that the final essay reflects the writer's own thoughts and ideas. Automation should be seen as a tool to enhance the writing process rather than a replacement for human creativity and critical thinking.

Author Bio:
Angel Bubbles is a professor of automation and technology at a reputed university. For the last six years, he is also been freelancing for TopAssignmentReviews .com.
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