Glasses help colorblind people distinguish colors accurately.
In fact, the average person will be able to perceive from 1 to 7 million different colors. Besides, people with color blindness syndrome can only perceive between 10,000 and 100,000 colors.
Color blindness is also known as a chromosomal disorder. At the same time, it is manifested by the inability of the eye to distinguish the colors of objects, such as green, red, or blue blindness, or when the colors are mixed together.
The birth of the colorblind Enchroma
Currently, there are many people in the world suffering from color blind test. Many years ago, Donald McPherson was a man who made goggles for laser surgery. Moreover, while talking with his friend, McPherson discovered his glasses have the ability to help people with color blindness see colors.
Highlights of Enchroma glasses:
Help people with color blindness distinguish colors.
Suitable for both adults and children
The price is suitable for many people.
color blind test for kids
color blind test