Office 365 email: 7 ways to streamline your tasks
It is surely related to the use of basic Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint; however, beyond writing a document or giving a presentation, there are other functions that will be useful for you, your partners, and your collaborators. We mean Office 365 email: the ideal platform to host your business email solutions.
  • Office 365 mail
Often, certain companies and organizations question the investment of migrating to a productive email solution, however, they do not realize their exposure to risks such as no protection against hackers, emergency support and few tools to collaborate as a team. In this post, we explain the main advantages of acquiring a corporate email service like Outlook.
  • The 7 features to streamline your tasks with Office 365 mail
  • Office 365 mail
Personalized email addresses to avoid ending up in the Spam folder
The business or corporate accounts of the Office 365 Mail are key to provide personalization to your messages, thus avoiding that your emails end up in the spam tray or even worse are difficult to identify.
  • Mobility
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phielosophy has motivated a cross-platform work scheme, from checking email inbox at a coffee shop to replying to important messages from your Tablet while at home. A personalized solution will adapt to any time and device of choice.
  • Order
With an intelligent solution as the email hosting UK Office 365, you can better organize your inbox, and mark the most important conversations and messages have on hand keys to not invest more time in search of emails.
  • Zero leaks and data loss
Through investment in corporate email accounts, you will have the confidence to back up your data. Thanks to personalized options, it is possible to receive notifications when there is a risk of leaking confidential or sensitive information such as credit card numbers and strategies.
  • Storage scalability
Tired of annoying messages when you have exhausted your storage capacity on free email solutions? Along with Office mail 365 , keep your directory and history of important conversations constantly growing, avoiding at all costs the loss of essential messages and information. Production options will allow you to scale costs based on your storage needs.
Integration with other collaboration tools
Keep track of team communication and integrate your files with other Office mail 365 email tools like: OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, promoting a clear collaborative environment while you have meetings or video conferences.
  • Ease of migrating to an Office 365 email solution
Migrating to an efficient solution should be a gradual and friendly process. Thanks to our IT consultants trained or through the service Microsoft of FastTrack , can reduce up to 30% time spent on implementing the new solution.
  • Office 365 mailer optimize tasks that will help you meet your goals with Office 365 email hosting. Don't be afraid to migrate to an email solution, we will walk you through every step for free, even if you need training to learn how to use it

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