Listen to Radio Cope Directo in Spain !

Among the radio stations in Spain, COPE DIRECTO is one of the most popular. With over 230 frequencies across the country, it can be heard by anyone. In addition to broadcasting religious programs, it also provides generalized programming. The Spanish radio station has its roots in the Catholic Church, but has evolved to reflect the contemporary reality.
The programing of COPE includes informational programs, religious programs, and political programs. It also offers on-demand content. Its editorial guideline promotes the views of the Spanish Catholic Church hierarchy.

It is owned by Conferencia Episcopal Espanola. Cope has been around since the 1960s. Its initial intention was to provide religious services. However, in the 1990s, the station began to focus more on generalized programming. In addition to its religious and political programs, COPE also broadcasts music.

Cope radio hosts include Angel Exposito, Pilar Cisneros, Manolo Lama, and Paco Gonzales. COPE also broadcasts a podcast. COPE also has a chatbot. It is available on Facebook and Messenger. Users can interact with the chatbot, and it will alert them when there are new programs to listen to.

Cope is also available as a mobile application, which allows users to listen to the station on the go. The app is designed to be simple and beautiful. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can search for a radio station by name, genre, location, and country. They can also listen to music for free.

Cope has also launched a chatbot that is available on Facebook, Messenger, and Android. Users can interact with the chatbot, interact with other users, and receive alerts about new content.
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