Choose a university without looking at its location
Do not take into account the location of the educational institution - a mistake that is not directly related to admission, but can strongly affect training. Are you suitable for this or that country? Climate of the region, where is the university? How to Write A Literature Review? Rhythm of the life of the city, where is Campus? Is there all the necessary infrastructure? How expensive there to live there?

So, some universities of New Zealand are among the picturesque fields and green pastures, but accustomed to the city rhythm these places are hardly suitable. Some universities of Australia are in the tropics, but life in this belt can be uncomfortable for Hunger Games Characters of those who are used to, for example, to a moderate continental climate or just tolerate hot weather. Athletes may unexpectedly unqualidated halls, stadiums, cycling tracks and other sites, and true gourmets can be disappointed with the lack of all possible kitchens in the world in a small town. Finally, too high housing prices and products that you are not ready can simply lead to the fact that you will not be able to secure yourself during the entire period of study.

Inattentively refer to the introductory requirements
As for the requirements for admission, each detail is important here:

  • If you require TEFL result, you should not provide IELTS results, because it seems to you that they are interchangeable and this test suits you more;
  • For some specialties, it is necessary to pass specialized tests and exams, preparation for which requires time, and the recording can be long before the exam;
  • If your result is below a certain minimum, the error will think that this year will happen a miracle. Moreover, hope for a minimum threshold is also not the best idea, because according to statistics, the passing points are only increasing every year;
  • The university may require that letters of letters be translated and notarized. And sometimes translations are not accepted at all - the letter should be initially written in English, and the envelope should be se aled and contain the author's signature at the place of gluing.

And this is only a small part of what students often attach too little meaning. All requirements differ depending on the university. And given the fact that applicants usually submit applications to several educational institutions, it is necessary to prepare several packages of documents, carefully studied the requirements of each university. Sometimes a small detail, whether there is no signature, incorrectly filled form or typo in the application may cause refusal.