How to Change whatsapp Audio Speed

whatsapp is a messaging app by Facebook. It provides a lot of features that can be useful for whatsapp users to stay in touch with their friends and family. You can send text messages to your whatsapp contacts make audio calls to them and even video call them. There is an option to even share media files through whatsapp which can include photos videos and audio files. Apart from these you can also record audio messages on the app itself within the chat and send them to to the contact of your choice.

Recently whatsapp launched a feature that allows you to increase the speed of the audio messages someone sends you.
This feature saves a lot of time for the users as they can listen to an audio message in half the time of its actual duration.
The maximum speed you can have while playing the audio message is twice the actual speed.
GB WhatsApp uses different interface across iPhone and Android. If you face an audio speed issue on your iPhone, the steps above should help you fix it.

Step 1: Open whatsapp on iPhone.

Step 2: Open a conversation from which you want to listen to the voice message.

Step 3: Go to the received voice message.

Step 4: Hit the Play button and check the current speed from the chat bubble. Here’s what they mean
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