Ibrahimovic publicly denounces EA Sports

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has publicly denounced FIFPro by posting two devastating messages on his Twitter account in which he accuses the video game giant EA Sports of illegally taking advantage of his image. "Someone is making profits with my name and my face without any agreement for all these years. It is time to investigate," he launches in the first instance.

Then, he posts a second tweet asking how authoritative they are using his image. Who gave FIFA EA Sports permission to use my name and face? I am not aware of being a FIFpro member and if I am I was put there without any real knowledge through a strange maneuver. And I'm sure I never gave FIFAcom or Fifpro permission to make money at my expense ”.

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In a statement, EA SPORTS has replied that “EA SPORTS FIFA is the leading soccer video game in the world, and to create this authentic experience, we have worked with numerous leagues, teams and individual talents in order to ensure year after year the Players' rights for them to be included in our video game. One of these relationships that we have had for quite some time is with the global professional player representative, FIFPro, who partners with a number of licensors to negotiate deals that benefit players and their unions. "

From the video game company they clarify that “we are aware of the different debates about the granting of licenses to players in EA SPORTS FIFA. The current situation that develops in social networks is an attempt to involve FIFA 21 in a dispute between a series of third parties and in which EA SPORTS has nothing to do ”.

“To be very clear, we have the contractual rights to include the likeness of all the players currently in our video game. As we already said, we acquire these licenses directly from leagues, teams, and individual players. In addition, we work with FIFPro to ensure we can include as many players as we can to create the most realistic video game. In these cases, our similarity rights with the players are granted through our club agreement with AC Milan and our exclusive association that still lasts with the Premier League, and that includes all Tottenham Hotspur players ”, they sentence.

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