like, i don’t know how you can handle emails like that…they give me the creeps. i do not want some (random) guy thinking about my bodynsoul in that way (e.g., melted Swiss chocolate).

and if he has a partner i am not going there on so many levels, including chat and email.

is this what interests you about the guy? if you don’t mind me asking? that he wants you and he to do all sorts of funky things together?

i’m with jeff~ young days of flirting was the wet towel flick, thrown rocks or a kick-board frisbie in the face.

I think I might have the tiniest bit of insight for you. I’m going through the same issue right now with my best friend from highschool (from 20 yrs ago). We’ve seen each other with our families and children a few times in the past few years. During this time, my marriage has ended, and his has been pretty close to unlivable. At a time when he is looking for any ray of sunshine, any indication that he is still worth being loved, that he is still attractive, your guy, like mine, is going to turn to someone that he knows loved him at some point. So the flirting starts. You don’t have to walk away from him, but do set some boundaries. Explain that you understand he is not happy, that he’s looking for a connection, but for the two of you, that connection is going to be a very meaningful, supportive, loving friendship. That’s what he needs anyway, he doesn’t need a sexual fling, he needs support, kindness and friendship. If he was a good friend, give him that, if not, then perhaps it’s time to say goodbye. My guy has eased off the flirting…we’re back to being best friends, and that’s really what we both needed in the first place. Amazing that a hug can be so much more fulfilling sometimes than an impulsive sexual romp down memory lane.