Fear does not help: why the school needs to change its attitude towards children's mistakes
1. Growth
“He who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new,” said Albert Einstein. And psychologist Jason Moser proved that when we make a mistake, the brain begins to “spark”, which gives it an impetus to growth. Especially at school age.
The attitude of the education system of different countries to mistakes affects the success of students. For example, in America, in mathematics lessons, students are more often praised for correct answers, and in Japan, they devote a lot of time to parsing and correcting mistakes. Perhaps it is because of the difference in approaches that Japan is ranked sixth in math literacy, and the United States is thirty-seventh (PISA ranking).

2. Confidence
A joint study by Harris Insights & Analytics and LEGO Education showed that American students are the most worried about academic failure, and constant anxiety and insecurity interfere with their studies. If a child is afraid of making mistakes, the brain spends too much energy on protecting against possible stress, and not on learning. What if children realize that mistakes are inevitable and there is nothing wrong with them? Nothing bad will happen. On the contrary, the ability to cope with difficulties will give self-confidence and motivation to move on. It helps a lot when writing papers. Since when you see your mistakes in writing, you strive to correct them and use the help from bidforwriting.com, and then when you see mistakes in writing, you can analyze the information you need. This helps a lot in learning.“I try to develop in children an interest in learning and self-confidence. It happens that a child is very afraid to make a mistake, to express his own opinion, to somehow prove himself. In the classroom, I let each and every one understand that fear is a bad assistant in learning, and a mistake is not a tragedy, but an opportunity for growth.
3. Assimilation of information
Mistakes become a kind of stepping stone on the path to growth. When a child does not immediately find the correct answers, he delves deeper into the topic, which means he remembers information better. After that, he definitely will not be at a loss for an important exam. It helps a lot in writing a paper. When your child has learned how to write an essay, use pay for essay to show how you can effectively improve your writing skills. This way you show your child how to improve their performance in writing papers.
4. Flexibility of thinking
It is not the fact of the mistake itself that is important, but how the student will get out of the situation. The admission committees of top universities pay attention to this.

“The tasks for entering Oxford are specially designed so that, solving them, at some point you will reach the first difficulty. It is very important for Oxford teachers to look at what you do when you are in doubt about the correct answer. How do you work, what is your approach, how do you look for new ideas and what will happen if you are given some kind of extraordinary task,” says a graduate of Oxford and the British school Algorithm.

Children who learn to deal with failure creatively grow into adults who are not afraid to experiment, try new things, and adapt to any circumstance.This fear also disappears when writing an essay. Since realizing your mistakes, there is a desire to correct them, and with the help of the academic writing service, you can very effectively analyze your mistakes and grow on them. This is how learning grows.

5. Purposefulness
The American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison needed thousands of experiments to invent the incandescent light bulb. “I have not been defeated. I just found 10,000 ways that don't work," Edison said. By the way, in childhood he was considered incapable of learning. According to Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, all creative achievement is based on flexibility and perseverance in the face of adversity. Some people take every mistake as a personal failure and see themselves as failures. And others know: a mistake only means that you have not yet realized your potential.

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